​Community  salud

                                                                   The Breast Implant Information Program

Community Salud is starting a program to increase information and awareness of breast implants.   This program in no way replaces the medical advice of a physician.  Nor does this program intend to change an individual’s personal decision to use or not to use implants.

We believe the use of breast implants is a clinical and sociological issue that can be viewed different from person to person and requires the personal decision of that person based on their personal beliefs and clinical recommendations of their physician.

We do believe that the decision made by an individual deserve the most current, best medical information.   We also recommend that serious consideration be given, in consultation with a personal physician, to the removal of implants at the earliest sign of medical or personal concerns.

There are a number of reasons that we have started this program.  There is not a single, public information program in Colorado focusing on the possible problems and complications that may arise with using breast implants.

We know that breast Implants procedures today are safe when performed by a qualified surgeon. Problems do occur, however, over time when implants break or leak without any detection by the user.  The medical literature tells us that leaking implants could lead to serious medical complications and even death.  And too often women do forget their implants can create problems.

Another problem is that insurance companies do not provide coverage of any kind. Generally called a cosmetic procedure, payment for implants and their removal is up to the individual.

In our program, Community Salud Program will do the following:

Community Salud will create and support an informational program on the health and medical issues of using breast implants.​
Create and promote a social media program to raise the public’s awareness of the dangers in using breast implants including the use of Community Salud’s webpage and Facebook.   We are also looking into creating a blog and hot line so that users might be able to assist one another.
Participate in health fairs and media events to further promote awareness and understanding.
Explore the possibility of hosting community based meetings to discuss the use of implants.
Create and manage a fund to financially assist in supporting women to pay for medical procedures associated with breast implant removal.

Community Salud expects to further develop this program in response to community needs.