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                         Preventive health

The following public health reminders are provided to all of us to follow by federal, state and local governmental agencies.  We have tried to customize them specific to Colorado when possible.

                      Ancient EMT's Handbook

The famous Silk Road brought more than just commercial trade throughout the ancient world.  The Silk Road historically is estimated to have started around 202 BCE and continued on well into the 14th Century in influencing the economic prosperity of Asia, Western and Central Europe and even Africa.  

Where did the first Doctors come from?


​Where or how did the very first doctors ever come to be?  And who decided first to call themselves doctors?  Today doctors are very respected and everyone depends on them.

                        The Lowly Tomato

Unless tomato sauce is missing on salsa or on pizza most of us generally take tomatoes for granted.  Somehow tomatoes just aren’t exciting.  We all have heard it all before. “tomatoes are “nutritious”.  

     Your rights And Duties as a patient

What are the rights of patients in the American health system?  There are quite a few.  Many rights are directed at the treatment you receive from those who provide you care including your doctor, nurses and others.